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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does delivery cost?

As a Wine Oasis member, there is no additional charge for delivery. We simply include the freight charge in your special pricing.

When can I expect my delivery?

We aim to deliver as quickly as possible, but you should expect your delivery within five business days. However, there may be unexpected delays, so we suggest that you give yourself plenty of time.

What if I am not home to accept my delivery?

Our drivers will leave your order in a safe place, or you can specify what they should do in the event that you're not home when you place your order.

What if my wine is broken when it arrives?

We hope not! But accidents happen, so we will arrange for any damaged stock to be collected, and you will be refunded for the stock that is broken or returned.

Can I order individual bottles?

Our minimum order value is $150, but you are able to order multiple individual bottles to make up the $150 order value.

What if I don't like my wine?

Taste is subjective, but we provide tasting notes and reviews so that you are able to select the wines according to your taste. However, if something is ullaged we will refund you for that bottle.